The Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP)

The Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP) is a non-profit organization working under the aegis of the Iranian Political Science Association (IPSA). Generally, the purpose of ISP is to stimulate, accelerate, and integrate phenomenological research and to broaden existing knowledge about related philosophical and scientific studies in this field. To achieve this goal, the ISP holds theoretical classes, specialized meetings, reading groups, and scientific workshops as well as producing audio and video content and publishing the Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology (IYP). Nevertheless, the main focus of ISP is on existing and/or possible political readings of phenomenology.

Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology (IYP)

The IYP is a new venture in the publishing history of Iran. The publication of the book, on the one hand, seeks to collect and promote the yearly studies and research of Iranian scholars related to phenomenology; and on the other hand, aspires to establish communication between Iranian and non-Iranian scholars. Yearly, the IYP editorial team announce suggested subjects and topics for the next issue of the publication. Accepted proposals approved by the editorial team will see the delivered papers peer-reviewed and published in the second half of the year for more information click here.

Scientific Workshops

Each year several workshops are held open to students, researchers, and scholars. These are generally arranged in the residence of IPSA, or, in some cases, in the offices of institutes affiliated with the association. In general, the director of each workshop, depending on the specified topics, will be one of the leading members of the Society, or well-known professors who are cooperating with IPSA.

Specialized Seminars

In collaboration with IPSA and other affiliated research institutions, specialized seminars are organized on topics related to phenomenology. In most cases, these seminars will be focused on discussing the scientific findings, theoretical achievements, and research proposals of visiting professors. Moreover, these seminars will be open to the public. Click here to access the coming seminars and the archive of past seminars.

Reading Groups

Acknowledging the importance of introducing relevant phenomenological subjects to students, researchers, and scholars, the ISP provides a place for studying significant and influential texts. These reading groups are arranged under the supervision of professors who are familiar with philosophical ideas, the history of thought, and the methodologies of the phenomenological philosophers being studied. In these meetings attendants are may use multimedia and other creative facilities to accomplish their Ideas.

Audio and Video Production

The ISP attempts to expand phenomenological research and promote the essential ideas of phenomenology through the production and sharing of multimedia content. Activities will include reporting on its seminars, workshops, and meetings by producing audio and visual content (along with accessible help such as subtitles. The aim here is for the society to provide helpful learning services to its membership.


We strive to make society membership as beneficial as possible. In this regard, members of ISP are entitled to a discount on the costs of attending seminars, workshops, and reading groups. In general, there are two ways of joining the ISP. All members of IPSA can refer to the officials for membership in ISP. Alternatively, those who are not members of IPSA  (i.e. students, professors, and researchers whose field of study is other than that of political science) , can pay for membership directly to ISP annually.

If you would like more information on how to join the society, please go to our membership page. For any detailed inquiries, please contact, Hossein Miri, the Membership Secretary:

Organization and Executives

The ISP works under the aegis of the IPSA, and accordingly, our rules and data policy are subject to that of IPSA. The executive directorship of IPSA is carried out by scholars whose philosophical projects are focused on different areas of phenomenological studies. To find out more about our executive directors please click here.

General Enquiries and Ideas

If you want to get involved with the society, make a suggestion for an event, or ask a question, please do get in touch. The first point of contact for all matters other than membership or finance is the secretary, Hamid Malekzadeh. He can be reached at

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