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in the Iranian society for phenomenology(ISP), we pursue our goals using a set of Mediums. One of our most effective mediums is the publication of compilation and translation of influential texts in the field of phenomenology, in Persian. Also, the publication of the Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology(IYP) is one of our most important concerns in the field of publishing. Accordingly, community’s publishing activities are divided into three distinct categories:
1. Publishing the Phenomenological Works Written by Iranian Phenomenologists.
2. Translating a collection of important and influential sources published by non-Iranian phenomenologists in languages other than Persian.
3. Publishing the Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology(IYP).

All Publishing Activity  of the community will be carried out in cooperation with the Iranian Political Science Association(IPSA) and Gam-e-Nou(New Step) Publication. If you are interested in publishing your work in this field by ISP, or if you are interested in suggesting, as a non-Persian language publisher or author, a translation of a book previously written in a language other than Farsi, please feel free to submit your proposal and enter your work into the evaluation cycle by a scientific group in Iranian Phenomenology with Hamid Malekzadeh by sending E-mail to this Address: hmaleakzade@gmail.com

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