The Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology

 The Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology (IYP) is an international collaborative project publishing papers on phenomenology and existential philosophy as well as contributions from other fields of philosophy. Papers from researchers in the humanities and the human sciences interested in phenomenological approaches in their subject areas are welcome too. The yearbook also aims to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion.

The IYP is published by the Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP) in cooperation with Gam_e_no (New Step) and the Iranian Political Science Association (IPSA).

The Editors-in-Chief in this series are J. Moini Alamdari, Associate Professor of Political Science (Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran) and Hamid Malekzadeh (PhD in Political Theory, University of Tehran). Alamdari is the author of ‘Reflexivity; As a Method to the Study of Politics’ (2006) and ‘Church and Leviathan; Political Meaning of Relationship between Contemporary Christianity and State in the West (2003). Hamid is the author of I Am A Not-Others: An Inquiry in Concreteness of the Political Subject (Pajvak, Tehran: 2014) and Embodiment and The Transcendental Basis of Politics: An Essay in Political Ontology (Gam-e-No[New Step]: forthcoming 2020). He is also the translator of Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference: Husserl, Merleau-Ponty, Beauvoir by Heinämaa Sara (Gam-e-No[New Step]: forthcoming 2020).

Each year mid-January the editors will release a Call for Papers for the proposed volume and its topic. Submissions are open Until mid-May.the final papers will be due by December,20th to be published on November Next Year.

Everything from submitting your abstracts to delivering your papers will be done through the yearbook website. Papers may be submitted either in Farsi (Persian) or English. The yearbook will be published in Iran in the Persian language (Farsi) (Persian); accordingly, all papers written in English will be translated to Farsi for the IYP, with the original English version available from our website in open access.

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